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Hello, I purchased the Quad theme from Hipster recently, and I love the way it looks. However, it is incredibly slow. I’ve optimized all the images using photobulk. I’d really appreciate any thoughts on how to speed up the website, or I’ll have to revert to an earlier version on a different theme. The website is
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I opened up the Error Console (in Safari) and your web-site has a lot of errors, actually it has about 3 of them but they are happening a lot…

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Also looks like you are loading alot of third party content which may be causing some of the problem. You can use safari developer tools to record a timeline as your site loads, might give you some insight.


HI, thanks for taking a look! I appreciate. I deleted the iTunes banners. Did that help?
Thanks again, Traci

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It loads a little faster now, still some errors though:

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Thank you again. I hate to sound stupid, but what is “Invalid character “\ul…”” ?
Thank you!

Probably caused by double quotes in a stack containing text. Make sure that FORMAT/SMART QUOTES are turned off. If you open the Develop/Show Error Console and click on the far right link it will show what is wrong in your site by showing the source code that generated the error:

in this case : div id=“fb-root”

those double quotes should be single quotes

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How do I fix it? I’m stumped.

Did you type that fb-root into a stack ? If so then wherever you typed it you just need to use single instead of double quotes.

If you did not type that in then it may have come with the stack/theme that you’re using, in which case try dropping an email to the creator of the stack/theme that has “fb-root” in it.

It looks like all the bad errors are from calls to facebook maybe integration code.

Are you attempting to load some content from facebook?

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I copied it from Facebook. Yes, I’m trying to load content from Facebook. I liked the way it looked and integrated but maybe it’s just too much trouble?

It might be worth removing the Facebook load-content and see if that fixes the performance issues on your site.

If you look at the errors, some are because you are trying to load content from an https url to an http url,
A few are bad characters, that is usually caused when you paste text in but don’t paste it as plain text.
You can see the errors in safari under Develop, show error console. Then if you click on the far right link at the end of each line it will show you the source code that is causing the error. This should allow you to figure out where on the page it is coming from.
I didn’t look at all of them but one of them is coming from

Interview by Yvonne Lieblein

Posted by Traci L. Slatton on Tuesday, December 1, 2015


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OK, I removed the FB content. Now there are no errors in the error console. However, a very weird thing. On the Media page, I replaced a BlogTalkRadio player (with their code) with an Audio 2 stack, but the stack doesn’t load properly in Safari or Firefox. In Chrome, it does. In Chrome, you can see two audio players, one on top of the other, the top for “Independent Artists & Thinkers” and the bottom for “Interviews of Traci L. Slatton.” However, in Safari and Firefox, it just comes across as black dots. Any thoughts? This is an Audio 2 stack by Yuzool.
And thank you for all the help! My site is loading faster. I was sorry to see the FB content go because it was lively.

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I can see the Interviews audio player at the end of the dots… I think that may require an email to the stack developer, or maybe there is an update to that stack that you don’t have.

Regarding Facebook, I think there are stacks that can pull data from Facebook successfully. You may like to check out StackCentral for some options.

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@TraciSlatton Hi, i have been looking at Traci’s website, Traci you are very prolific author for sure. Nice One.

I did find that the files you use are all MP3 files and i was thinking that some browsers prefer different file formats, for example :- mp3, aac/mp4, ogg or wav
If the yuzool stack doesn’t cater for different file formats i am sure similar stacks from Stacks4stacks or Archetypon for example, probably do !, that might be the reason to your trouble, it is easy to convert MP3 files to the other formats.


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@TraciSlatton Later :- i tried youre site in Torch which was perfectly OK,

Using Firefox and Safari the upper Audio stack was a row of dots, but the lower audio stack showed the Audio files perfectly OK.

Which is very strange


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Thanks Tim! I appreciate the good words.

In terms of Audio 2, the bottom player is all links to mp3’s, and so is the top one, the one that isn’t rendering in Safari & Firefox. Both players render in Chrome. The page of Stack details on the Yuzool site says that multiple Audio 2 stacks can be put on a page.

I did email Michael Frankland at Yuzool about this. He’s usually really responsive.

The Facebook Connect stack at 1LD seems to be working great for pulling in FB content. (Not that I wanted to spend the $). However, I can’t get the posts to have any margin between them in the 2 column stack, and I’ve put the FB connect stack INSIDE a 1 column stack and given it both margin and padding. ? Also I can’t get the FB stack of the trailer, which is by itself, to center. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for all the help! I appreciate.

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This theme is almost an exact copy of Yuzool’s Quarter’s theme. Does it work the same way - i.e. each page is an Extra Content area? When I used Quarters, one of the main attractions, apart from the unique look, was it’s speed -= as it is effectively a single page site

OK, I took out the FB connect stacks, because they were causing errors again. :neutral_face: Thanks for all the help today.

Manofdogz, I don’t know Quarters…