Smart web page updating not working

(Robert Crutcher) #1

I’m using RW 7.4.1 on Mac OS Sierra, 10.12.6. It does not do smart updating! Every time I make the smallest change to a single web page from my site, it re-uploads every stupid file and asset!!

I thought that unlike RW6, RW7 had smart web page updating built in. In other words, when I make a change to a single page of my website, it should upload just the change to that item on the page–like RW6 did with the smart update setting turned on. Apparently not.

I’m ready to dump RW7 and go back to RW6 or find another web site authoring tool. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? Help much appreciated.

(klaatu) #2


Try this:

  1. Save your project.
  2. Close RW.
  3. Reboot your Mac.
  4. Restart RW and open your project.
  5. Mark all files and assets as changed.
  6. Republish all.
  7. Make a small change… then try publish and see if any different.

(Robert Crutcher) #3

Thanks so much!! I tried what you suggested and it seemed to work for the website I tested it on. I will further test it on my other websites.

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(Robert Crutcher) #4

I’ve tried this now with several of my websites and it doesn’t always seem to work. Two of the sites where it seems to have worked were originally created with RW6 and I converted them to RW7. The website that it did not work for was a new website that I created from scratch in RW7. Every time I make the smallest change to a page, it re-uploads everything for that page.

(klaatu) #5

Then it may be that this is one for Realmac to look into. The problem you are experiencing is one that comes up here quite often; I’m not sure that there is a definitive ‘fix’ for it though personally I have found restarting and publishing all once does seem to help (probably resets markers/flags internally), but it clearly does not work in all cases.