SOLVED Changes in text stack but RW says no changes in publishing

Maybe it takes a while for the site to reflect the changes but now everything is showing correctly. I was worried because I deleted the browser history but it still showed up bad, but now it is ok.


I have a stack with a text where I write my cv. I made two mistake in a list and it shows as follows:

  • Worker, Workplace
  • 2017- 2018
    • duty 1
    • duty 2
    • duty 2 continued
    • duty 3

So the date should be on the same line as wok and workplace, duty 2 continued, should be together with duty 2 and not a separate bulletpoint.
I made changes in RW to have the dates show up on the same line as the work and workplace, and also duty 2 and duty 2 continued I put on one line. However, it does not show correctly in view mode and, when I want to publish the page, it either says there are no changes, or when it publishes, the changes do not show. What am I doing wrong?

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