Some links from homepage menu "not Found" while from other pages all ok

Hi, this is a mystery to me: from my home page menu, some links are not found, while they work from other pages, website:
links not working from homepage menu:
Differences between Traditional Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Acupuncture for IVF fertility or pregnancy

Healing Foods
there are a few others, but it must be the same solution for all pages

I have other websites for this clinic, none of them have this problem

I replaced the home page, tried a different theme, twice whatever i could, no luck!

i hope somebody can tell me what’s gone wrong here

PS: there are similar topics on the forum, but this seem to be a different problem

I have used Scrutiny, it comes as # missing link url

Thanks in advance


I’m not at my Mac right now, on my iPad

WOW, you have an awful large amount of menu items. Makes it difficult to find what pages you pointed out. Can’t imagine someone browsing through all that.

One thing I noticed on the one page I think I found(hard to say the page titles are huge and get truncated) was having spaces in the folder name.
You should really never use spaces in file names. Try replacing those spaces with dashes - like you have in your domain name.

As I said to begin with I’m on an iPad so don’t have my tools and can’t say for sure that’s what’s causing the problem, but that should be fixed.

The %20’s are spaces.


From a very brief look - you have BLANK targets - <a href=" acupuncture or Dry Needling/" target="_blank">

Hi Dave, i am not sure what it means or how it can be fixed; what baffles me is that for example from the home page menu the link to Differences between Traditional Acupuncture and Dry Needling will come as “not found” the same link is working perfectly well from the menu of any other page


You can see the difference with these 2 examples: - (Non-working link from home page menu) - (Link from page that does work)

Why, or how you fix it is probably in @teefers answer.

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the problem is that link from the home page menu are "not found, but perfectly ok from another page: for example “Differences between Traditional Acupuncture and Dry Needling” from the homepage menu is “not found” but from the menu of any other page it is ok, it seems that the menu from the home page is not working properly, or something is interfering with it

I won’t be back to the office for a few hours, but you can see from Daves (@DaveFox) that one of the examples the URL’s starts with a space(%20) rhe other doesn’t.

Spaces anywhere in any URL is a BAD practice.

It’s fine to have spaces in the page name (left side of RapidWeaver) but not in the folder name (page inspector).

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