Source of image in new "Getting Started with Foundation 6: Part1"?

In the new tutorial video “Getting Started with Foundation 6: Part 1”, at about 4:00 minutes in, Joe Workman adds the first actual content as a background, namely, a colored image. He drags it seemingly from nowhere! What is that image and how does one access it?

(If this is not some image supplied with Foundation 6 or RapidWeaver 8, then this seems quite unreasonable to practically begin an introductory tutorial without the tutee having the necessary resources at hand!

it was just an image on his desktop or in a folder, nothing special there.

Ok, that was really unclear. I still maintain that in a “getting started” tutorial, all needed resources should be supplied (either in the Foundation 6 download or in separately available downloads).

It’s a picture. Does it REALLY matter if it looks different?

I agree with Murray.

If you present a tutorial for a brand new product, you can not presume that your customers are familiar with an old/outdated product. This is a fundamental error on the part of the developer, especially if they hope to attract new customers.

Joe’s live 3 stream video recordings are an ‘introduction’ to Foundation 6 and shouldn’t really be regarded as ‘tutorials’. The tutorial videos are yet to come. In my opinion it’s better to have an early release date rather than delay a product to get videos out there that cover every single function.

I’m a longtime Rapidweaver and Foundation user, so Foundation 6 is a natural progression for me. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not learning form the live stream videos.

Also, there is loads of support provided by the community over at Weavers.Space


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