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Hi, since I started using Stacks 4 I can no longer copy and paste text blocks. I can copy and paste all other stacks.
If I install Stacks version 3 again, this will work. (See 2 videos, 1 with version 4 where this doesn’t work and 1 video with stacks version 3 where it does work.)
Here the link for video’s:
Video met stacks 3
Video met stacks 4


This works for me – and I think for the vast majority of users. It’s likely something in your macOS environment.

Are you running any utilities that change behavior for copy and paste? Perhaps something that tries to translate content that’s on the clipboard? Another user had very similar behavior, it turned out to be a clipboard utility.

Stacks 4 does add one feature during Copy that doesn’t exist on Stacks 3 – when you copy a content block (like a text block) it puts both the stack and the content of the stack onto the clipboard. This way you can copy a text block in Stacks 4 and then jump over to Word or any other word processor or text editor and just paste – and you’ll get the content from the copied Text stack (it does the same for image stacks too).

If you happen to be running a utility that grabs and modifies the contents of the clipboard – then perhaps it’s seeing the text (and ignoring the stack that’s also on the clipboard) and putting the text back on the clipboard without the stack.

If that’s the case then you may have to disable that utility while using stacks as it’s unfortunately ignoring the important part of the clipboard content which.

Hello Isaiah,
Thanks for the tip, it was the Plaintext app that caused this. Turned off the app and now works perfectly. Sometimes they are small things that prevent other working. Otherwise very satisfied with Stacks 4

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