Weird behavior Stacks 4

After updating to Stacks 4 I observe weird behaviors in projects.

  1. Can’t any longer use my Wacom pen to drag stacks from library to project - mouse is ok.
  2. In themes like Foundry background is visible in Edit (can’ see text) and NOT visilble in Preview. Adam Shiver working on it, but still weird
    Anyone here that have observed similar og other behaviors?

I tried to re-install Stacks 3 but RW responded that same version IS installed - which in my logic says that Stacks 3 still is there but Stacks 4 has overruled.
Any way else to roll back to ver. 3?

The pen issue is being addressed:

I think you answered this yourself Adam (@Elixir) is aware and working on a fix.

I haven’t tried to “go back” to stacks 3 but I know others did during the beta.
I think you may need to uninstall stacks 4 first, but don’t know for sure.

It isn’t all that weird. It just seems like the structure for Edit Mode evolved a little. Just have to make adjustments that will play well with new and old versions of Stacks at the same time.

As you know, and @teefers points out, you and I have been emailing about this and working on it, so I’m not sure why the post about it again. In fact I just sent you a second test version of Foundry to try out and see if it solves your issue. :wink:

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Background issue is solved by Adam Shiver - great job :grinning:
Looking forward to Pen issue is solved :wink:

I am aware that there will always be small adjustments after new releases, but they have always been resolved by the skilled developers. great applause to them

I’m awaiting feedback on a different issue from another user. After that I’ll push out an update to Foundry users for the background image issue, hopefully next week.

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The only problem I’ve found with Stacks v4 so far is that every accordion section is now permanently opened in Joe Workman’s @joeworkman accordion stack Squeezebox

I just can’t get them to close.

I’ve found Squeezebox to be indispensable in so many projects that I went back to Stacks 3, but I’m looking forward to full implementation of Stacks v4 when more bugs get worked out, as it promises to be an incredible timesaver.

I just did a simple test of Squeezebox in S4 and its working great. If you move Squeezebox to its own page, does it work. Does a new instance of the stack on a new page work for you?

So many more questions, but we can start there. Or feel free to start a new thread if you like.

Just upgraded to Stacks v4.0.1, and it’s completely resolved. Just great. I love it. Thanks @joeworkman

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