Stack missing warning attached to all stacks

Can anyone advise: I recently downloaded a number of projects and when I open any of them I am getting errors for all included stacks “this stack is not currently installed” “you need to install it to use it”. I have all the necessary stacks and they are installed. I have tried the various recommended means for installing/reinstalling. The stacks work in my own projects but not with any of the purchased projects. Using foundry 6, latest MAC OS [on Intel iMac] and RW Version 8.9.3 (20888). It would appear that others had similar issues … but no solutions that I can see.


A bit more 8th on would be handy. What are the projects you opened? Do you mean Foundry or Foundation 6?

If it’s a Foundation 6 based project try getting the free Pen stack from weaver space, that may well be the missing stack.

Foundation 6. sorry about the typo. The project is the Total CMS demo supplied with Total CMS and Pen already installed as it was needed for another project which is giving similar issues. Cassion by Weaver Base is the name of that project.

Thanks for responding.

Found the TCMS demo, it’s probably Foundation 1 column stacks. Foundation 6 is completely different and older Foundation 1 projects aren’t “upgradeable” to Foundation 6.

Don’t have Cassion but maybe @critex can help.

I sent you a message.

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