Stack Maniac has been acquired by Stacks4Stacks

I’m pleased to confirm that I’ve taken over ownership of Stack Maniac. Aaron Marquez started the website exactly 4 years ago and created 16 brilliant stack elements for RapidWeaver. Owing to other commitments, Aaron has decided to focus on some projects beyond RapidWeaver. Following several weeks of negotiating and detailed planning with Aaron, I’m pleased to confirm ownership has now passed over to myself. Aaron posted some information here about his decision:

I’ve been a long-time admirer of the stack elements Aaron has created. Like myself, he’s focused on quite a few quality addons dealing with images, audio and video within websites. I had been wanting to expand the choice of audio and video stacks we provide via Stacks4Stacks, so the opportunity to acquire StackManiac is one I’ve taken seriously and with long-term plans. We already have some exciting ideas for taking things forward.

From now until 6th September 2015, will remain online and operational. We’ve added free demo versions and purchases are now handled via Paddle. Support links will redirect to Stacks4Stacks. On 6th September 2015 all the stacks will have been moved over to Stacks4Stacks, updated and rebranded. New stacks will be available for the ones that have been discontinued.

As part of the acquisition, I’ll be taking full responsibility for all Stack Maniac customer support enquiries and updates from this day forward. This will include all testing and any updates in readiness for Stacks 3. A table has been published here with details of what’s happening with each stack and the progress of the free updates:

It’s not just stacks which I’ll be adding to my RapidWeaver addons portfolio! Aaron previously took over ownership of several RapidWeaver themes from a former developer, by the name of Jeremy Blaze. It’s perhaps fair to suggest these theme designs were not terribly successful; in reflection of the limited customisable settings and lack of customer support offered. Now the themes are in my ownership, I’ll be updating and re-releasing all these designs. Each of the themes will be updated to our normal ThemeFlood standards and feature sets. A bit more information about these theme designs (like some screenshots) is temporarily published here:

So as you can see, we have enthusiastic plans going forward. I’m positive this acquisition will bring many benefits for all.



This is great Will! Huge congratulations to you and Aaron. I look forward to seeing what you come out with.


Great to hear Will. I’m sure you’ll do great things with Aaron’s stacks.

Thanks Greg! Really excited about what Will is doing, and what he will do with SM!

I wish you the very best Will! :thumbsup:

The ship is in good hands, captain…

Good luck to Aaron in his next project, and many thanks for those brilliant stacks.


@Aaron is not going far, last I heard he is doing support for Realmac!! So we still get to see his smiling face! :smiley:

Good luck to Aaron!

Will is there a way to find out and redownload previous purchases from Stackmaniac?