Stack scribe floating image not appearing

Has anyone encountered this problem before? I added a floating image to my Scribe stack, if I change it to “Position: at end” as shown in the picture, it does not appear anymore on the page. It does appear if the position is “before first paragraph.”

I am trying to embed these images at the end of my ABOUT ME page to have links to my social media pages.


Hi @madpoli,

If you check for updates, version 1.1.4 will fix this problem,

I only saw this post by chance. If ever you have a problem you can email it to BWD support and I’ll be able to fix it more quickly.

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thank you ! I will update and try again - you mean RapidWeaver, right?

Update the stack, not Rapidweaver itself

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Thank you so much. Another question if I may… now I am trying to have two images within the same paragraph. But when I do this, the preview shows me each image replicated twice. I cannot find anything regarding this in the settings… what am I missing, again?

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@madpoli Floating images were only ever designed to have one per position setting (usually with the text floating around them).

Normally I would advice using normal mark-down images when they are not inline with the text but in your example of social icons I can see the benefit of having an easy way to float them all next to each other in a line.

I’ve therefore updated Scribe once more (to version 1.1.5) which now will work for you in this situation. Please run the Stacks updater again and you should be all set.


wow, thank you!! Just to clarify, what is the difference with mark-down images? Sorry - new to all this!

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You can add a responsive foreground image (a full width one) in Scribe or any other Markdown stack by using the following syntax inline with your other text