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(Claude Fitzback) #21

I have problem with my site that was 99% done with stack2 (everything was perfect), now that UPD to stack 3, UPD Foundation theme and Stack pack, I lost all images and Pluskit does not work anymore.

I try the new stack 3 «image» and no luck, does not work at all.

Any idea, Thank you all

(Isaiah Carew) #22

@fitz - we’re working on a fix for the pluskit issues right now. hopefully in the next 24-hours.

New : Help with general coverage
(Jeremy Bohn) #23

Isaiah, I’m seeing problems with text getting cut off and running off the right edge of the screen when I view your website on my iPhone 6.

(Isaiah Carew) #24

Yes… I know… it will be improving for mobile in a bit. Sadly we had to build most of the site a while ago – and Stacks wasn’t quite as ready for primetime as it is now.

That said: traffic for today is 5% on mobile. most people looking to buy desktop software aren’t doing it from their phones. :wink: but practicalities aside, it will improve – if for no other reason than next week i’ll have time to go back and rebuild some bits of it with the released version of Stacks v3.0.0! woo hoo!

Edit: omg. i’m totally off topic. i kind of hate myself right now – but this is also pretty interesting. i tweeted about an hour ago about my site traffic breakdown.

Here’s the rough numbers for all traffic in the month of August – which has had about 20x our usual site traffic due to today’s launch and all the beta testing:

73%: Mac OS X 10.10
8%: Mac OS X 10.9
5%: Mac OS X 10.11
5%: iOS iPhone
5%: iOS iPad
4% other (mostly Windows)

(Mark Sealey) #25

:slight_smile: !

Does that mean there’s still hope for them?

(Isaiah Carew) #26

Oddly, for the first time in my life, I live in house with a Windows machine. My son’s school has distributed windows laptops. They’re not horrible – but the malware they get sure is.

(Pastia) #27

Hi, I have a serial number attached to Stacks 2 Upgrade. Does it works for the upgrade in Stacks 3 ?
Thanks for your answer… :grinning:

(Peter Thornton) #28

Wow is right!

Very impressed. A revolutionary update in all things - looks, workflow, speed.


(Mike) #29

Bruce, I got an email from YourHead along with an u/g serial number. Cooking on gas now :smile:

(paolo savonuzzi) #30

update purchased and so far impressed :smile:

just… can we, please, have back the ability to collapse/expand (hide/show) an entire group (tag, author, …) of stacks in the library?
I know you can now create custom groups but… :wink:



I was trying to pay for the upgrade & the credit card company rejected the transaction. They thought I was being scammed by a company called “YourHead”. Took me quite a while to convince them that’s not the case here. LOL !

(Jürgen Schulze) #32

Purchased and installed prior to the first coffee this morning (CET). Incredible speed improvements within RW6. Only VERY minor glitches with other stacks. 10 minutes checking and uploading. Tangible speed improvements of the website. Super smooth upgrade process and super new design/layout and functionality. Sometimes, I’m lucky that I’m lacking the education to code, since it gave me the chance to find out about RW and Stacks. Thanks, @isaiah!

(Mark Sealey) #33

How can you tell the malware from the OS, Isaiah?

(OK, stopping now…)

And thanks again for Stacks 3!

(Isaiah Carew) #34

tl;dr: try custom groups. they’re pretty awesome. :wink:

two things:

  1. We added Custom Library Groups – a way to show only specific items in your own custom groups that you can use for specific projects – this is really meant as a new and much more powerful solution to clicking all those little disclosure triangles.
  2. Group collapsing accounted for the lions share of library scrolling slowdown. For users with large library removing group-collapsing improves performance by almost two orders of magnitude (that’s like 100X!!!)

i generally try to keep older features around (maybe a bit hidden) when adding new features – even if they overlap a bit (like custom groups and group hiding) but in this case the cost of group hiding made axing a redundant feature an easy decision.

(Isaiah Carew) #35

@dezac - we get that from time to time. usually when they find out its software they say, “oh, ok”… LOL

(Isaiah Carew) #36

@jsk: thanks for the kind words and nice review. glad it was an easy update.


(Isaiah Carew) #37

any prior stacks version will do. if you already have Stacks 1 or Stacks 2 installed and registered, then Stacks 3 will automatically pick up the code for you. Just click the upgrade link and you’re good to go.

Note: We decided to allow any S1, S2, S1+Upgrade, etc… variant to upgrade with the same discount and the same process. It’s just easier that way. Saves us time and makes everyone happier. :slight_smile:


@isaiah I was thinking perhaps there could be lots of sales with YourHead that kinda caught their attention as well. Have to say S3 is a stunning piece of work. Thank you Isaiah!

(Michael Forte) #39

Great job! I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks since Beta and I’m LOVING Partials.

(Claude Fitzback) #40

I just want to thank isaiah!!!

I had problem with all my site that use «Pluskit», today I replace all my «@import» for «Partial» stack and I can tell you that «Stack 3» IS awesome!!!

Thank you isaiah, good work again!