Stacks 4 Beta Download

(Isaiah Carew) #21

The bright blue banner will say “Click Here, Upgrade Stacks” if you’re a registered Stacks 3 user. Just click that, then the Upgrade button will take you to the web store to purchase.

(Grant Booth) #22

Upgraded perfectly and also running OSX 10.11.6, let you know how it goes
Awesome work Isaiah

(Isaiah Carew) #23

Update: new version released today

Stack v4.0 b27

If you didn’t see it on automatic update you can get it here:


Release Notes:

Even though this is just the second public beta, we’re already to “beta 27” – that’s because we spend so much time beta testing with our developers and pro users. I think there will be just a few more releases and we’ll be ready to remove the “beta” tag.

So please submit those bug reports if you’ve got them. We want to hear from you. :slight_smile:


(Mathew Mitchell) #24

@isaiah Some new bugs reported on Slack channel for b26 and b27. Does not seem you have seen them yet.

(Isaiah Carew) #25

sorry, it was evening and fathers day. i was taking a few hours off. :smiley:
i’ll probably be similarly slow to reply for the next couple days as relatives are visiting. but keep the bugs flowing in – i’ll get back to you in a bit, i promise.

(Mathew Mitchell) #26

@isaiah Not a problem. I’ll reply on your GitHub area regarding various questions you presented.

(Pete Schuder) #27

Purchased Stacks 4 and wondering what happened to being able to do shadow on images when clicking directly on the image within the Site Image. This was very helpful in Stacks 3, as I didn’t have to go outside of RW to add shadows. Thanks.

The interesting thing is I can still add shadows to my old image stack that is headed as “Image”, but not so with the new stack with heading of “Site Image”. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Update: Just noted there are two options available “Site Image” and “Image”. Used “Image” and all works as before.

(Isaiah Carew) #28

I really do want to answer questions about this. But I really am serious about keeeping beta chatter off the forum.

I’ll happily answer questions on any of the many other places I mentioned above. Thanks for helping out. :yum:

It won’t answer everything, but watching the video above on Site Images might be a good place to start. :wink:

(Joe Workman) #29

The live stream that I posted earlier in this thread reviews all of the differences with Image and Site Image.

(Pete Schuder) #30

Thank you for the heads up.

(Greg Schneck) #31

Another flawless Stacks4 upgrade purchase. No issues. Looking forward to the multiple selection feature!!! (plus all the other goodness)

(Dan) #32

(Greg Schneck) #33

Ok… Ok… Stacks4… Never dreamed it could be so good… Thanks Isaiah. Simply Awesome!

(Adam) #34

This doesn’t feel like a bug but rather a brain cramp on my part but in Stacks 3 there was a Link and an Unlink button when adding a link to an image. Now all is see is one button that is either Link (if there is not a link associated with an image) or Unlink (if there is already a link enabled). But what if I just want to look at or change an existing link. Unless I’m screwing something up (quite possible) my only option seems to be to hit the Unlink button and then start from scratch? Clearly I’m missing a step. Any thoughts? Thanks and sorry if this is obvious.

(Doug Bennett) #35

This is still in beta and @isaiah has asked you not post questions or possible bugs on this forum.

(Adam) #36

Sorry. Frankly the links that were posted didn’t work for me.

(Doug Bennett) #37

To get an invite to the slack channel use this link

You’ll then get an email with login information then to get on the slack channel go to:

There’s also slack apps for iOS and MacOS on the App Store.

(Adam) #38

Thanks. For some reason the link on the top of the page got me this?

(Doug Bennett) #39

Looks like @isaiah misspelled Yourhead.

(Brian LaPan) #40

Fixed :wink: