Stacks 4 compatibility with older Stacks

Vacation. What’s that?

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as usual - great work. Thank you very much. Nick has put out an update also. Is it good to use the beta Stacks update with the new 1.0.9 Depth theme?

I would strongly urge you to install the new Depth theme and avoid the betas if you can.

Although the Depth-related problem, once it was finally understood, was simple to fix – other changes in Stacks v4.0.2 beta 1 (and 2 and 3) were large.

We’ve had to make a pretty significant unplanned change to the way Stacks loads the file and starts running. The reason is not easy to describe, but involves loading Externals.

There is no alternative, the changes had to be made, unfortunately it upended the startup process and created a number of other problems. We’re working our way through these now, but these betas may be a bit rougher and prone to crashing than most other public Stacks betas.

I think things should begin to stabilize a bit after a couple more betas – but unless you really need it – or enjoy software testing – just stick with the stable release version for now.


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