Stacks 4 launch recap and bug fixes

I did a short Twitter thread on some of the bugs we found after the Stacks 4 launch.

As launches go, it wasn’t so bad. It took me about six months longer than I would have hoped, but Stacks 4 looks like it will quickly settle to a very robust release. And maybe that was worth the wait. :turtle:


Yes it was…you did great…like writing a book…you can never get it all perfect…doesn’t mean it is not a great book.
Thanks for all your work.

Look forward to bug fix, isaiah. Is one of them the fact that text keeps centering when it should range left? Or could that be a conflict with the theme I am using (Lander Pro) and have used without problems before?
Otherwise really happy with the “new & improved” Stack 4. Should be a must for all Stack users.

Further investigation found the problem was a conflict when “Eternity 2” Stack (Doobox) was used for background image. It wouldn’t allow text to range left. (Haven’t a clue why –I’ll leave that to the coders.) Stacks 4 is fine.

Good to hear. If you have any trouble sorting it out with Doobox (you probably shouldn’t, Gary’s a good guy) just let me know.

I’ve had the same issue with the Eternity 2 stack. Hopefully there will be an update from Doobox

I’m pleased I’m not the only one. The isolated problems I have with RW are usually of my own making. Over to Doobox.

Let me look at that this evening!

Seems fine to me here in a quick test.
You must de-select “centre all content” in the settings.

If your content is still entered, I suspect something is overriding the css, and I’d need to look at a live example of that happening to see what’s causing it.

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That works for me too…
Just a sample site…but the alignment does work.

You must de-select “centre all content” in the settings.

How did I miss that? As I said before, these problems are usually of my own making. Thanks everyone. All is fine, now.

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