Stacks 4 launch recap and bug fixes

(Isaiah Carew) #1

I did a short Twitter thread on some of the bugs we found after the Stacks 4 launch.

As launches go, it wasn’t so bad. It took me about six months longer than I would have hoped, but Stacks 4 looks like it will quickly settle to a very robust release. And maybe that was worth the wait. :turtle:

Stacks v4.0 Released
(Joe Martin) #2

Yes it was…you did great…like writing a book…you can never get it all perfect…doesn’t mean it is not a great book.
Thanks for all your work.

(Colin) #3

Look forward to bug fix, isaiah. Is one of them the fact that text keeps centering when it should range left? Or could that be a conflict with the theme I am using (Lander Pro) and have used without problems before?
Otherwise really happy with the “new & improved” Stack 4. Should be a must for all Stack users.

(Colin) #4

Further investigation found the problem was a conflict when “Eternity 2” Stack (Doobox) was used for background image. It wouldn’t allow text to range left. (Haven’t a clue why –I’ll leave that to the coders.) Stacks 4 is fine.

(Isaiah Carew) #5

Good to hear. If you have any trouble sorting it out with Doobox (you probably shouldn’t, Gary’s a good guy) just let me know.

(Chad) #6

I’ve had the same issue with the Eternity 2 stack. Hopefully there will be an update from Doobox

(Colin) #7

I’m pleased I’m not the only one. The isolated problems I have with RW are usually of my own making. Over to Doobox.

(Doobox Software) #8

Let me look at that this evening!

(Doobox Software) #9

Seems fine to me here in a quick test.
You must de-select “centre all content” in the settings.

If your content is still entered, I suspect something is overriding the css, and I’d need to look at a live example of that happening to see what’s causing it.

(Joe Martin) #10

That works for me too…
Just a sample site…but the alignment does work.

(Colin) #11

You must de-select “centre all content” in the settings.

How did I miss that? As I said before, these problems are usually of my own making. Thanks everyone. All is fine, now.