Stacks appears as long single column

In foundation theme, stacks loads as a single long column (ungrouped) can I change this into groups (folders)?


Not sure what you are asking. Sounds like you are talking about the stack’s library display?

There are ways to create folders, you can also change the display sorting.

Unfortunately, like much of RapidWeaver, I can’t point you to any documentation or even videos on basic stacks stuff.

While I don’t think there’s a Stacks v4 manual, here’s a section from the Stacks v3 manual regarding the Library. Perhaps this will help:

The Library

The library contains the different individual stacks that you can add to your page. You can drag individual stacks from the library into the layout. You can have any number of individual stacks on your Stacks page. And you can move them around by simply dragging and dropping them where you want them to be.

Access the library by clicking the Library icon in the upper left area of the edit view. The library lists all of the individual stacks that you have installed.

You can view the library in three modes:

  • a sidebar in the RapidWeaver window
  • a floating popover
  • a standalone window palette

To toggle to a different library mode, click the desired button (Sidebar, Popover, or Window) in the lower area of the library.

You can change the width of the library groups (the left side of the library window). Making the library groups area wider shows the labels for the icons (e.g., Stacks, Partials, Images, etc.)

When the library is a window, you can change the width and height, as well as move it around the screen.


When an individual stack is selected, the area at the bottom of the library shows the name, description, creator, and version of the stack as well as any tags the individual stack has. Tags are determined by the stack developer. See below for more on groups.

You can click the heart icon to mark a stack as a favorite. You can show or hide these details by clicking the Details icon at the bottom of the library window.

You can click the gear icon to access additional options that are specific to the selected stack.


The left side of the library window shows various groups of stacks. You can view the group names either by icon only or with a text label. To see the text, drag the divider to the right to create space for the text.

  • Stacks — shows all the stacks in your library
  • Partials — shows all the partials in your library. See below for more on partials (they’re really cool).
  • Favorites — shows all the stacks you have marked as a favorite. This gives you quick access to your favorite stacks.
  • Built In — shows all the built-in stacks.

Additionally, you can create custom groups. These groups will show in the list on the left of the library window.

You can create a custom group two ways.

1 Click the plus icon in the lower left of the library window. Then give your group a name.

2 Select a stack, then choose Add to Group from the Action pop up menu in the Details section in the lower right of the library.

Organizing the Library

Stacks 3 gives you more options on how to organize your stacks library. Access these options from the Library Preferences pop up menu in the lower left of the library.

The default settings are Large icon size, sort By Tag, and Sort Built-in Stacks First.

  • Icon size — you can show the icons for individual stacks as small, medium, or large icons.

  • Arrange stacks — you can arrange the stacks by Author, Tag, or Title.

    • Sort Built-In Stacks First — this sorts stacks according to your selection (by Author, Tag, or Title) but built-in stacks will appear first in the library.
    • Sort Reverse — this sorts stacks according to your selection (by Author, Tag, or Title) but in reverse order.
  • Show Hidden Stacks — Stack developers occasionally include hidden stacks. This is not an option that most users will have a need for.

  • Show Stacks Library in Finder — This allows you see the installed stacks in the Finder.

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Thank you so much! This does help. I used a foundation theme 5 or 6 yrs ago for 5 different web pages but had to close down and abandon my work to become a carer. That person is sadly now deceased & I have time to pick up where I left off BUT technology has moved on so fast ! I have Rapid Weaver 8 installed but I’m besieged by demands for updates and difficulties preventing me from getting them. I just want to make a new web site. and will keep trying:)

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