Stacks...what am I missing here?

Trying to use a new stack (Vimeo) but am having trouble with the drag and drop. Here’s what I’ve done: I added Add)>All Projects>Stacks to my project. I get the “Drop stack here” window. Then I clicked the “addons” button which opened the “manage Addons” window. I tried to drag ‘n’ drop the Vimeo stack icon to the “drop stack here” space but the icon just “rubber-bands” and bounces back. I’m missing something. There used to be a different window, I think, from which to drag the stacks, but if there is, I don’t know how to access it.

Thanks any and all help.


Can you see the stacks library on the left? that is where you get the stack not from manage add-on’s

if not you need to open that panel

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The library icon is here:

Click on that and you will see the stacks you can drag and drop:

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Yes!! Thanks. I just did not see that little icon.

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