Stacks Library folder scroll bar?

Stacks 4, RW 8.6

If I create more than a certain number of folders in the stacks library in sidebar mode I can’t see the last ones created, and if I select any folder below the first (home) Stacks Library folder I can’t see that folder.

In window and popover mode I get a scrollbar only if I select one of the lower folders - then I can scroll to the folders I can’t see in sidebar mode, and I can scroll to the top (home) Stacks Library folder. The scrollbar doesn’t appear automatically.

I presume I should be able to see a scrollbar in the stack library window in sidebar mode?
I’ve looked in stacks preferences and can’t anything about scrollbars.

Or is there a limit to the number of stacks library folders I can create? If I delete enough of the folders I don’t have the problem.

(I’m referring here to the list of library folders - a scrollbar automatically appears within any folder which needs one)

@isaiah could answer that…

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