Strange URL behaviour in a set of links

I have a text list of 9 regions, of which 6 are links. The top 4 resolve correctly and open the required webpage, then come two without links, another link, another region without and finally another with a link. The two lower links fail to resolve correctly - they try to load an incorrect address which has the web address of the page on which the list resides as a prefix to the correct web address.

Thus with a source page source + links and a target page target the new page tries to open

which of course results in a 404.

Looking at the page source in Firefox I can see that the href address looks correct, when the cursor is over it, however, I can see the incorrect address displayed in the view-source window.

Anyone wanting to try the original can do so on - the section concerned is titled “Andere Regionen”

I tried manually correcting the index.php by retyping the for the top link which is not working and deleting the original, but that made no difference. I am mystified as to why some links work and others don’t.

Try adding the ‘http’/‘https’ to your links.


Thank you, that worked for Nordrhein-Westfalen,(I thought I had tried all combinations, but apparently not). Sadly, it doesn’t work for the bottom one Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland, with or without www.

… and now they both work, thank you very much!

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