Stripe SCA update required with Checkout stack and RapidCart Pro

Hi Michael, @yuzool

Thanks for the update with Checkout2 but what happened to the Custom amount?

It now only has Subscription or Fixed amount selectors.

I particularly require Custom amounts, I wish the removal of a very important feature had been advised in your upgrade notes before I went a spent $45 AUD on the update.

Thanks Scott


Thanks @scottjf and answered here:


Hi Michael,

Great, thanks. Very good to hear Custom amounts will make a return.

Stripe payments is now working great…but…not on touch devices.

Well, the buttons are appearing on my iPhone but when I click on the button it doesn’t redirect to the Stripe payment page. It’s working lovely on the Mac but not on my iPhone…weird?

I’ve also tested with the Stripe code pasted into a html stack to create another button £95 item and same thing. Button appears but does not click through to the Stripe card entry page.

So a Stripe issue??..I just don’t know??

Page link

I’ve created 2 items, one with your Checkout2 stack the other just a html stack with the Stripe code for that sku item.

Have tested on both Safari and Chrome on my iPhone.

Any thoughts…??

Thanks everyone for ideas.

Cheers Scott

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RapidCart Pro will support Stripe SCA by Sept. 14th.
An update will be released soon.


Great to hear Roberto.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Regards Scott


Hi Roberto, Thanks for the update. Do you know if we have to do anything on the Stripe website (see attached screenshot)? Or do we not need to worry about that?


RapidCart Pro 4.17.0 out now is SCA-ready!

@Lisa You can dismiss the message in the screenshot you attached. Just follow steps below to make your store compatible with new Stripe SCA requirements.

  1. Enable Checkout method in Dashboard > Settings > Checkout settings on Stripe website.
  2. Add your store domain URL in Dashboard > Settings > Checkout settings on Stripe website.
  3. Copy Publishable key from Developers > API keys on Stripe website.
  4. Paste it in Payments > Stripe panel in RapidCart Pro plugin.
  5. Republish your store page.
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You’re lovely for respond so fast.

So two things… Apologies for my ignorance… In the first step you listed, I don’t see anything that says ‘checkout method’, just ‘Checkout client integration’ (see attached screenshot). Is that what you mean?

And second, on my website,, I sell products on three main bookstore pages, (here’s one for example:, as well as in many author pages (here’s one of those, for example: So, in step two you have listed above, do I have to list all of those or just my rapidcartpro page (which isn’t one of my bookstores; it just hosts the products)?

Thanks and thanks and thanks!!!

Yes, that’s correct.

Yes, sorry. I mean the domain. Just enter /

Hi Rob,

Thanks so much for this. But…

Before I even completed the steps above, I got an email from a customer saying that the payment section wasn’t working. So I completed the steps as you directed above and then checked for myself and it is still not working.

When you get to the payment window, you press either Paypal or Credit card but nothing happens.

I haven’t added or done anything new to the store. I just did your update and these steps above.

Please help!


Please try and force republish all files.
It seems that some required filed have not been correctly uploaded by RapidWeaver.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘force republish’.
I have republished twice. But will try again.

Hi Scott, would stripe work good for excepting donations on a non profit site?

@Lisa In case it still doesn’t work, could you please give me temporary access to your FTP folder? You can send me credentials by PM.

Yes, would be happy to. Can you please let me know how to do that?
Thank you, Rob!

@rob apologises for butting in on this thread, but I can’t seem to find a support email address and to save starting another thread… I wonder if you have plans and/or timescale for making RCP compatible with UIkit3 by @Lucas? Thanks.

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File> Mark all Pages and resources as changed
File>Republish all files.

It is also sometimes an idea to delete all RW files from the server using FTP and then republish afresh, as old files will remain on the server even though deleted/over-written in RW. If you do this be careful not to delete files that live outside of RW such as the .htaccess file and any php files for CMS if you have any. To be sure, export your RW project to a local folder and use the folders there as a checklist

Thanks, have republished all files as per your instructions (thanks!) but still having the same issue. Am not confident enough to delete files for fear of accidents. I’ve been a Rapidweaver user for years now but am not a website person.

Hi, I have been having the exactly same problem as Lisa. I did everything written above, setting on Stripe account, deleting all files on server by FTP client, uploading by FTP (of course I tried publishing by RW as well). All I still see is a blank page where my customer type their credit information. Very odd thing is, the cart worked twice (out of 200 times during my test). I was even able to receive the payment in Stripe from my credit card. Next morning, It showed a blank page again. This happened twice. I am using RW7.5.7, RapidCart Pro 4.17, Stacks 4.0.3.

In debug mode, I get this:
Notice : Undefined offset: 2 in /home/s2s99/public_html/rw_common/plugins/rapidcartpro/system/RCController.php on line 1180

Recoverable fatal error : Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in /home/s2s99/public_html/rw_common/plugins/rapidcartpro/system/RCPayment.php on line 434