Stuck on "publishing 8 out of 9 files ... FTP times out

How come all of sudden I am getting a timeout error on 8 out of 9 files are tying to publish Never happened before. How can one find the file its stuck on?

Get a timeout was reached and unable to publish

bit more detail please. Is this a project that worked perfectly on the same RW version yesterday but fails today? or have you updated RW. or is it a new project failing where others have been ok?/

My experience of this issue has occurred when either:

Publishing setting is set to ‘passive’ instead of ‘extended passive’
When ‘minify CSS and Javascript’ has been selected in General Settings > Advanced. This seems to be a problem in some themes and with larger sites in my experience.

I am using 6.4 Have been for some time

Now, it tries to export over 700 pages and sticks at 93 That never happened. All I did was update the main page. Tried to make new site and it can not be saved and says if this happens to contact support.

Had a PayPal account active and for some reason, the amounts are multiplied by 100 - odd - using pay loom. They have no ideas what happened there

This is the same site that we add school teams too year after year so it had worked fine for over 7 years.

Hosting on go daddy if that means anything

Would upgrading to 7 help me at all?