Subscriber Support and Bonus Issues

Hi I was wondering what the average response time for “Priority Support” has been for others that are subscribers? When I submitted the form yesterday I never got an auto-response so I don’t even know that they got my inquiry.

Also, the subscriber bonus page seems partially broken. There seem to be images missing and the "More from <span…> links don’t seem right.

Also, when you try to get the theme Prelude and the Slot Machine stack, they want you to pay for them since the discount doesn’t seem to get applied. The others on the page work as expected.

Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike,

Sorry you’ve not got your reply sooner, we’ve had a few hitches with the community site and they weren’t getting sent to the correct place. Everything should be back to normal now, ideally you should get a response within hours, or even minutes if it’s during our working hours!

Also, @ben is working on some big changes to the community site so those promotions will be fixed. Lots of great stuff coming down the pipeline.

Maybe @joeworkman can help you out with the promotion for the Slot Machine Stack?

Sorry again, we hope to have all this resolved over the coming weeks!


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That’s great to hear that things will be updated on the community site! I’ll submit a support ticket to @joeworkman for some help with the slot machine promo.

Thanks guys!

Fixed, try getting it again.

The Prelude Theme is free anyway, you just need to go to the blt-website and get it there.
But sadly the themes by realmac (offroad, thyme etc.) disappeared at all… (the rw6 ones were not even updated to have the banner-feature etc.) …

Thanks @zeebe all set now!

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@Noridge perhaps they will be adding more Realmac themes when the community site is rebuilt? For the monthly charge, it would be good to perhaps have some add-ons or themes being offered monthly as an incentive to keep paying. How about exclusive stacks?

Right now there isn’t much benefit and I am still waiting on a response for a priority support inquiry. I will have to try sending it again if the site was broken maybe.