Synchronize RW with Website


I was wondering if there is a way to synchronize a RW page with a page that is already on my website? I used TextWrangler to edit a page on my site. However, I’m thinking that the same page in RW on my machine will have the older, unedited version. Is there a way to synchronize the RW page on my machine with the updated page on the server? Thank you!


RW is a web publishing tool that is designed to allow you to compose and build pages on your computer then publish them to a server.

If you ‘edit’ a page outside RW - in TextWrangler, for instance - as I think you did (?) there is no way for the corresponding page on the server to reflect those changes other than by reinserting the text, once changed, back into RW. In large part such a procedure defeats the purpose of a web publishing tool.

Or have I completely misunderstood what you want to do?

You might consider such Content Management Systems as Total CMS or Armadillo for what I think you may want. Good luck!

OK. What I was trying to do is just add a script in the head area of a page. I was hoping to do it directly and not through the head area of the Page Inspector, as I wanted it in a certain area in the head tag. Then, I just wanted to synchronize my local copy with that on the server. Thanks!

Cynthia - I wonder whether you’re trying to do something outside RW which RW is itself designed to do, namely manage a one-way trip between content (in this case for your text) locally and content on a server.

I’d still look at Content Management Systems if you or a client of yours are/is trying to update pages without needing the RW application installed. Under those circumstances you set up a page in such a way that RW handles placeholders for content. These can then be replaced with actual text by someone else (or yourself) and subsequently edited as often as you like in a browser without destroying the integrity of how RW knows what has been published and where/when.

Synchronizing content between a third-party tool, like TW, and RW is not really what the latter is designed to do - if for no other reason than that you’d still have to publish from RW after the synchronization. Unless you wanted to synch directly onto the server - which would then cause RW to protest - rightly, because it would have been shoved out of the process, which it hates :slightly_smiling:

Good luck!

I’ll see if one of these other options that you mentioned will work for me. I just didn’t want RW to overwrite what I already published from another source. Thank You!

Cynthia - Yes, that risk of having pages updated outside RW by trying to change content from another application like TW is exactly why you shouldn’t do so. RW is, by and large, intended to do all the management of content itself.

I wonder if your last sentence is cause for alarm: how have you already published content from another source?

There’s nothing at all to stop you pushing/(s)ftp’ing pages up to the same server, indeed into the same docroot, as that which RW is managing. You could, for example, take a page Exported by RW and independently and manually change its HTML and content and push it to the docroot alongside the pages published by RW. If it were named differently, RW couldn’t overwrite anything on the server. But it wouldn’t be able to include such pages in its own menu structure (easily and reliably).

But may I (if I understand what you’re planning) suggest rethinking how you want RW to do the work for you? RW really is designed to do all the management of documents and publishing: trying to add and control other docs, while possible, could well be asking for trouble in the long run.

If you change some content outside RapidWeaver, you will lose this content, when you publish again with RW.
That is a fact! Sure if you re-publish all files.
Edit outside RW is not recommended.
Synchronize you can only with RapidWeaver :wink:

Why not with RapidWeaver? You can insert a script in the head area of every page in RW, or global as site-wide code.

Yes, I’ll try to do it as you said. I did edit a page that was already published by RW, and I didn’t want to overwrite it if I republished the page. I guess I wanted to edit a little of the HTML, and didn’t know a way to do that in RW. Thanks again!

That’s what I was afraid of - losing the content if I republish the page. I’ll try not to do that. Thank You!

I think I’ll try that as you said. I was interested in putting a script in all of the pages, so maybe that global site-wide code will work for me. Thanks![quote=“Oscar, post:8, topic:5471”]
You can insert a script in the head area of every page in RW, or global as site-wide code.