Table Of Contents by 1 Little Designer

Does anyone know where is a product page or tutorial page for 1LittleDesigner’s Table Of Content stack?

A couple of days ago, I got an email pitch for that stack. It looked good, so I bought it. But now, I can’t find any link on their site that would direct me to Table Of Contents. Even the link in RW’s Library “Show Online Info” leads to a generic form in their Support section. It looks like a black hole swallowed their product.

@1LittleDesigner ???

Found it!


Thanks, Neil!

But how did you find this? Their product pages are under “/rapidweaver-stacks/”, not “/rapidweaver-stack/”…

I just clicked on the first stack “Author”, I think. This has /rapidweaver-stack/ as the url. I just guessed the other bit, and got lucky.

Hello Rob,

Sorry for the confusion, the Stack should have come zipped with a link to the tutorial. I will make sure this gets fixed. We typically add products and tutorials to our website a few days after the newsletter and discount to give our developers time to iron out any 3rd party theme/stack conflicts that may show up.

If not totally clear, here’s the tutorial page:

It looks to be a very interesting stack. Anyone use it yet?

Yes, Jon, the .zip file contained a link that was supposed to get me to a tutorial, but instead, it produced “404 File Not Found”.

Mathew, thanks for the link. I got it.

Instant purchase…

But as soon I insert a SiteStyles stack or any Partial the icons in TOC disappear instantly.
All this in Foundation Theme and a clean project with only one page.

Is this a know bug in Foundation

If you send in a support ticket to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net with the stack, we can look into the issue.

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From Skyler the Stack Developer “Thank you for letting us know. We are aware of the icon bug and we are currently working on a fix for it. Please hang tight until we push up the next update, which should be by today.”


Thanks for the update!

The icon bug is solved partly for me In the top header the icons are now visible as the should.
Now I notice an issue with the Toggle icon placing and color settings.

In this website Vitaal Vooruit the Toggle icon open and close are set to right.
The Toggle icon open is some how forced to the left and has a diverend color as the TOC BG color setting
The color setting is the same as the TOC BG color but appears in the color Blue…
The Toggle icon close is oke ait reacts on all the settings.

All this is also reproduced in a Foundation Theme and a clean project with only one page.

hi, there is no toggle icon showing for me under chrome or safari just the blue box

Yep, that’s exactly what i’am talking about.
The Blue box should be on the right side and have the same green color as the top according to the settings.
Also the icon is not visible… strange bug…

I’ve just sent out a new update (1.0.2) That should fix the errors that occurred with the open icon. I was trying to add some new features, and accidentally included them in the bug fix update. Everything should be working as expected now.

I’ve just sent out an update that should fix this bug. The latest version is (1.0.2) Please update and let us know. : )

Not working for me after the update. I dont see the links that are generated by the articles, or the toggle icons. Even when i change the font of the headers it does not show up in the preview. The headers in the attached image are supposed to be Arvo

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Thank you, this update made it work 100%

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@rolisize This is very strange, can you send us a link to a test page by chance? This is the first time we are seeing anyone experiencing an error like this.

Looks like it’s a browser issue on Chrome looks good but not on Safari it does not display correctly, it looks like the picture above, also the stack does not render in RW preview mode have to preview to chrome to see it work

No probs here in Firefox, Safari or Chrome.
Although I experience a different issue on 2 two pages where TOC is present.
On iPad 3 the Top Bar menu and the top part of TOC does not show of these 2 pages.
On the Mac, scaling all the browsers to iPad measures it shows fine.
Have to dig in a bit deeper to see what makes that happen…strange…