Tags in RW to make website searchable


Where do I put tags in RW so the website is searchable. We Would Like it to be one Of the first thing we find when we Google bowling Horsens

Where in the RW theme do I put these tags.
I know maybe a total stupid question but i must have added Them wrong

Thanks in advance


Do you mean “searchable” (as in a “site search” on your own site) or do you mean “indexed” (by search engines)?

If you are referring to Google searches you are talking about Google INDEXING your site. Google used to use the KEYWORD meta tags to help but it’s my understanding that the use of keywords in the meta-tag is now an old practice and KEYWORDS meta info is not used much. Google has their own methodology for indexing your page and ranking it. To learn about all this just search the web for “Google Ranking” and similar terms.

If you are talking about site searches (using a search box to find things on your site) then you need a tool to do that. There are some RW add-ons that allow site search, there are also tools “outside” of RW that you can use. I use a great search tool name Zoom search. But it is probably above the needs and capability of the average user (it’s a stand alone php script that you install and configure on your server.)

Yes i mean searchable in Google.

I Will try This Thanks😊


There are endless articles on the web that deal with “google rankings” -

Well Yes

But it seems Like i Cant get it to work. No matter What i have tried we are ik the buttom Of the list

I Was interested where in RW but I Think I found it :blush:

There is nothing magic about RW or any other web tool that will give you high rankings on google… It is about a thousand other things on how you build your site, regardless of the tool you use.

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