THEME for photos


I need a good theme that allows me to list several Auto Race Tracks. click on the track and get a full page of thumbnails that have names or I.D. for each photo. click on photo and it goes full screen or large. A way to order directly with a shopping cart. I have plug ins and can use to help complete the web page. Any suggestions?

(Jason Bostick) #2

Do you have Foundation, by any chance? @webdeer has a new project geared at Photographers that might fit the bill (and uses a free external service to manage/sell the photos).
Project 7 here:

(Gary) #3

Thanks Jason. Yes Project7 will show you how to link into Pixieset which allows up to 1500 photos for free, and has a fully integrated “all you could every want” set of features including image shopping, and all can be multi password protected. If you are using Foundry, there will be a Foundry version very soon.