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I am using a theme called Mirage. But I assume it will be similar for any theme. Where are the images stored that are used by the theme for header images? I can select images, there is a list, but I want to change some of them, and can’t find where they are stored. I remember at one time going to the location of the files and copying my own files there.

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I don’t have the theme, but normally you locate the theme in Rapidwever in the theme selector and right click on theme to open the location in Finder, and then in Finder with right mouse click on the theme-file you can select “Show Package Contents”. You can then navigate within the theme package and most of the time there is an image directory.

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Saw this on the nimble host site:
Mirage: - Updated for v2.3+
Once you’ve installed Mirage, open RapidWeaver®, and then open the Theme Drawer (select “Show Themes” from RapidWeaver®’s View menu).
Select the Mirage theme, and then right-click on it once. A contextual menu will appear - select the “Show Contents in Finder” option.
In the following window navigate to the /images/editable_images folder. Place your custom images here, in either png or jpg format, and rename them:
Page banner images should be labeled: image1.jpg, image2.jpg, etc. up to image20.jpg - images 21-30 are for png files.
Theme background images should be labeled: pattern1.png, pattern2.png, etc. up to pattern5.png - patterns 6-10 are for jpg files.
That’s it, you’re done! (Be sure to select the image you added in theme options.)

If you’re having problems with the above directions, try this alternative method:

RapidWeaver® 5:

Open your project in RapidWeaver® and make sure you’re in Edit mode.
Drag and drop your custom image into the Resources section of RapidWeaver®’s left sidebar.
When you’ve done that, open the Page Inspector, click on the “Header” tab, then select the “CSS” tab inside that window.
Paste this css code into the Custom CSS field:
#headerImage { background-image: url(%resource(yourcustomimage.jpg)%); }

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Thanks, guys for the response. I had forgotten about
the contextual menu when you click on the theme. That
was what I was looking for.