Theme style selection returns wrong one or error

Not sure if this is a bug or something on my install…

When I select a Theme Style from the drop down Theme Styles selector it returns the theme which is ABOVE the one I select. If I select the top one I get a “Something went wrong” error. I’ve tried creating custom themes in several styles and this happens on all of them.

Here is a video that shows this :

If I select the top (custom) theme I get the “Something went wrong” error. I clipped that from the video as it shows email address.

RapidWeaver Version: * 7.0.4 (17842)
System Version: 10.11.5
Hardware: 27" Late 2013 3.2 Intel Core i5, 24GB ram
** This error occurs with each theme I try.

RESOLVED: I deleted the theme and manually dropped it into the folder. The problem is resolved. Oddly, when I dbl click themes to install I get an “installed” msg then then RW starts a second copy. I had re-installed more than one theme (the ones giving the problem) and they seemingly installed OK but I always get the 2nd copy of RW to startup and then a “can’t shutdown” error.

If I delete old theme then manually install everything works fine.