Theme suggestion for a church

Hi. I am planning a new site. It will include basic information about “us”, and include our audio, recorded weekly. we also want to have audio and video from other sources, that would mostly be links, but occasionaly need to be stored on our site. We also want an organized catalog of articles and documents. Can you suggest some theme ideas? thank you!

I’d really just recommend Foundry or Foundation. Blank theme where you can build what you need/want.

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Most of what you asking about really isn’t about what theme you may choose but how you are going to be playing and store video and audio.
The theme is more about the format and presentation of the page. There are hundreds of themes, and you’ve said nothing about preferences on presentation.

As for adio and video, do you have the stacks plugin?

There are free blank themes that you could use to build whatever look you want. Then use Stacks and find stacks you need for your media. I would consider:

There are others to consider but the above will get you started looking. Search the forums for discussions on video and audio stacks from others.

You can also place your video on Vimeo and use something like TopBox from Stacks4stacks to open a model window on your page to show the video.

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