To DEVELOPERS (including RealMac Software)

Some of you provide excellent documentation and support. Some others show a dismal lack of interest in those areas.

If you would like to improve your relations with customers, lighten up the support-tickets-overload and make your sales grow, do yourself a favor. Read this article in SMASHING MAGAZINE (at least the first part “The Challenges Of Creating Good Documentation”). This will (hopefully) help you reduce everybody’s stress—yours and ours.


A great article and so true I spent about 30 years writing documentation for installations that a single mistake could have had catastrophic consequences. This documentation had to be understood by the lowliest of operators, so I had to learn how to operate it from basics and engineering drawings. As for updating this was a continual process with the updates flagged up to the user in a simple way.
I must admit a lot of the documentation I read from software developers is good but there is also a lot that fails to address the basics.

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Same here - I had been writing user manuals and always wanted to address the basics as well :slight_smile:

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