Total CMS Red X Error and No Save

Hi guys

I’m trying to get Total CMS to work but am having issues. All is good - I’ve followed the videos etc - but when I add content and try to save I just get red X’s and no saving.

I believe the setup is all correct. Any ideas?


Hello Paul,
Sorry you are having this issue, but just this image and description are not any help to us to help you. When asking for support like this, try to follow these guidelines in giving information.

  1. Give a link - A URL will be the MOST powerful way to help ANYONE to help you. So much can be shown to people who want to help by letting them see the affected site. I understand how you might not want to give us access to the admin page here, but we do not always need that.

  2. If at all possible, give EXACT version numbers of your system. macOS, RapidWeaver, Stacks Plugin and the effected stack with the issue. If you are not sure how to get these version numbers for certain things in RapidWeaver, do this: open RapidWeaver, hold down command & push 7, this opens the Addons Manager. There are tabs on top of the Addons Manager. Click on the tab you want to search, then search in the search box. Version numbers of things are below the items name. See below:

  3. When possible, give access to admin pages if needed. I would not suggest that here, but if you would contact support(at)joeworkman(dot)net with this issue and supplied that to us, we can get access and we never do things to your site other than test the issue.

These few steps can help us help you MUCH faster.

Use the TCMS debug stack in your Blog admin page and preview the page, might be a PHP issue (should be al least v5.6)

I’m having the same issue with red x’s and no saving.

Mac version High Sierra 10.13.1
RW Version 7.5.2 (18795)

TCMS stack version 1.4.4

CMS Debug Info
PHP version: 7.0.25



DOCUMENT_ROOT: /home/sproutah/public_html/sweeneymetal

DOCUMENT_ROOT (realpath): /home/sproutah/public_html/sweeneymetal

SITE ROOT: /home/sproutah/public_html/sweeneymetal





CMS VERSION: Total CMS v1.4.4 (6192)

Total CMS Passport Check: {“status”:true,“info”:“Domain registered”,“trial”:false}

Hey @joeworkman Will adding https:// to a website cause issues with registration? It says domain already for but I’m getting errors saying it is not registered. The SSL is the only thing we did before it stopped working.