Total CMS Related Post

Hi everybody Wanni Soave here… (like @joeworkman says in his videos :grin:) I’m deeply entering the new world of the great product of Total CMS and I need a little tip for the blog.
I want to insert the section where the Related Post appear in the post page. I think that I have to add a ‘blog list’ stack inside the same page of the ‘blog post’ stack page… but, how do I configure the stack to let me see, for example, 3 articles belonging to the same category with only the image and the main title?
This the blog test page:
Thanks for helping…

You are almost there. Add a Blog List stack with the same cms-id, limit the count of posts to 3 and set a filter for the same category. Then add an image and title as a child stack. :slight_smile:


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