TotalCMS on two subdomains?

Hi. Is this possible? If so, can anyone refer me to the appropriate video/text method. I have a site for myself, under one subdomain, and another for my wife in a second subdomain. These are both under my main domain, where I’ve installed the CMS stack.

Many thanks

Yep it’s possible. A single TCMS licences works on as many subdomains as you like.
No special instructions either. Just use the same registration license key in your sub-domain projects as you have in your main domain and you should be good to go

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Superb. I guess I create two projects, one for each of us. How do I differentiate the Admin stacks? Two CMS Ids?

Yep, different projects. The admin stacks will be differentiated because they’re stored in different folders on your server and tied to that sub-domain you’ve set in your project. You can treat them all exactly the same though.

Perfect. Thanks a ton Jason.

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