TotalCMS + WebYep incompatible?

Hi everyone,

I am using a combination of TotalCMS and WebYep (with @willwood 's WebYep stacks) on a client’s website. I am using two CMS’s because my client likes the simplicity of editing text directly on the page (i.e. WebYep), but I also need the flexibility to create nice-looking blogs (which can only be done with @joeworkman 's TotalCMS).

I thought everything was working fine with both CMS’s co-existing peacefully…However, I just realized that something in the TotalCMS “CMS Core” stack is interfering with WebYep. When TotalCMS’s “CMS Core” stack and WebYep are on the same page, the WebYep edit buttons do not work properly and clicking on a WebYep button takes me to this warning:

I know that the problem is being caused by CMS Core because when I remove CMS Core, WebYep works fine again. If I add it back to the page, WebYep breaks.

To see what is happening, you can go to Sorry | Greater Vancouver Zoo (passcode: gvz00). Click on the lock button at the bottom of the page and login with:
U: gvzooadmin
P: gvz00

Then click on one of the WebYep edit buttons…if you do, you will be taken to the error message.

@joeworkman or @willwood: Is there anything I can do to make these two CMS’s compatible?I really need to be able to use both CMS’s in harmony! Any help you can give would be much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Disable the Javascript login in your WebYep config.

Hi garth.

I just saw this post about “webyep”.
… and I just had a “curious” little look at it …
Great lLooking site - good work! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And because you gave us the login I just had a litte curious look how others work with webyep!
Now I won new ideas for myself based on your work!!! Thanks a lot for this!!!

By the way:
Do not forget to personalize your Webyep!
(webyep as text and logo no longer have to be mandatory … I always replace them with my personal “informations” … the old orange webyep-logo is so boring) :wink:

Thanks for he encouragement :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea…I’ll try to customize the CMS

I’ve really enjoyed using it. I like TCMS, but setting up the admin page takes a lot of time. With WebYep, I love how I can just drop a few stacks on the page and then the client can easily add their content.

Hi Will! Thanks for the reply! I’m trying to find out how to disable the javascript login in the config file, but I can’t seem to find the instructions for it…Can you please point me in the right direction? :slight_smile:

I work with Webyep since about 2007 I think.

I love it because it is so easy.
(an I love that Max and Will continue work on it - thanks for that!!!)

And - big thing for me and especially my customer - you can use ist completly in “german” (no other RW-CMS offers that I think)!!!

And even for my customers it is so easy and fast to learn/edit/use (I think it is the easiest little CMS in “german” I know).
I just published a new RW-Webyep-site on monday for a customer and gave him only a 2hour- Webyep-training (never needed more than 3 hours for a wy-training ) yesterday! :slight_smile:


@willwood Nevermind, I think I found the answer here: WebYep login problem

There are three separate string variables you can set for the editing controls, modal window and gallery lightbox:

$webyep_JsLibariesType = "jquery";
$webyep_sModalWindowType = "jquery";
$webyep_LightboxType = "jquery";

jQuery is the default, because that is what a large majority of people are already using in websites. Other options include mootools, scriptaculous or none. That latter is probably what you need to be using if you are encountering Javascript conflicts. None will use standard browser window popups. No guarantees that this will fix the issues you are seeing (I don’t support TCMS) but it is worth a try.

Depending on your blogging requirements, WebYep can be used for a blog. Make use of the Loops function to create a simple blogging template, including the title, date and content for each article. Then you can login to your website and simply press the ‘+’ button each time you want to write a new article. A perfect solution if you don’t care for RSS, separate pages for each post, pagination and other fancy features etc. Put articles inside a WebYep Time Control stack, if you need to schedule their publication for a later date.

It probably would not be too hard (I can help) to write some jQuery that could assign each blog post title a unique permalink, so you have a means of linking to articles. And the possibility of generating a TOC (table of contents) of linked articles in a sidebar or elsewhere.

There is also a little known feature in the WebYep core that enables you to generate ‘virtual’ pages using the Menu element. From the user guide:

The Menu Element can be used to build simple menu structures. It is not intended to be used for main navigation, but for a subnavigation like for a “products” submenu.

A click on a Menu Element’s item causes it to jump to a configurable “detail” or “target” page. This target page file is always the same, regardless which menu item was clicked, but the contents of its WebYep Elements will be different! For each menu item a “virtual copy” of the target page is created – each such virtual copy can have different content for all the WebYep Elements in it.

So by linking a WebYep Menu Element to a page that contains WebYep Elements (by simply setting the “Page” attribute of the Menu Element) you can build a simple navigation. The target page’s WebYep Elements (like Long Text or Image Element etc.) will then show different content depending on which menu item was clicked.

So this could potentially offer another approach towards creating a simple blog with WebYep, if you need permalinks. Perfect to use for any other type of inventory you need to create too.

I have been giving consideration towards building a dedicated WebYep blogging stack to include in the existing pack, but not had time to work on it recently.

I’ll leave a link here for anybody else interested in trying WebYep: WebYep | Stacks4Stacks

I hear that WebYep CMS is getting an official website and payment gateway for the commercial version soon.


That´s great to hear!!! :slight_smile: :+1:

Thank you Will for the instructions!

I’ve set it to “none” and both CMS’s are working fine now :slight_smile:

I like the idea of using WebYep for blogging too, but the TCMS blog is what I need for this project.

Thanks for your help!

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