Twitter wall that auto updates

Hi all,

Is there a twitter stack that I am unaware of that can display a twitter feed or hash tags? that auto refreshes?


It’s unlikely there are any stacks around nowadays that can reliably do this. Twitter has become a very closed-off platform in recent years and quite hostile towards third-party developers.

Your best option is to bookmark this page and use the official embed code Twitter provides, to create buttons or widgets:

This works in an HTML stack and will auto-update.

If your website is viewable from the EU, your Twitter embed requires user consent (for data privacy).


Thanks for the reply @willwood I was hoping of something similar to Everwall or twitterfall!

Why oEmbed stack works pretty well with Twitter.

@joeworkman can it be set to have an auto refresh period?

You could auto refresh the page. But it will not be live updating to my knowledge. I have no control over the feed. My stack simply makes it easier for you to embed it.

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