Upgrade to RW7 – Is it worth it?

I am thinking about to upgrade to RW7 but not sure that the following issues have been resolved. Please could you inform me. I know that I can download tryout version but just fear that it will break my RW6 files. Many thanks to all replied in advance.

So I need this,

  1. Native support for the Retina image suffixes like @2x, @3x for the site-wide Logo, Web Clip and Favicon

  2. Support of the W3C recommendation for the internationalisation on site-wide or page-wide level like >>html lang=“xx”<< On RW6 I have to update every page manually after publishing…

  3. Download page with built-in download counter.

  4. Ability to turn off Smart Quotes replacement only for the content of the Inspector tabs like Page Sidebar, Meta Tags & HTML Code