Upgraded Rapidwaever, upgraded Stacks to 4.04, all is missing

Hi, and thank you for this forum!

I’ve upgraded to rapidweaver 8.3 from Rapidweaver 7, bought upgraded stacks 4.04, installed it successfully (at least in the Preferences - Plugins so it seems) but the stacks are not displayed.
Here is what I see

Rapidweaver says that the stacks are not installed, but I’ve inserted all the codes and I can’t understand why it doesn’t work.

Can anybody help me?
(I’m going to church and pray now, the idea of re-writing all my three websites worries me a little bit)

Thank you,


Isn’t “Overlay Menu” from One Little Designer? Have you checked to make sure that this stack is installed?

Yes, Pyrobit! It has worked.
That was the problem. I’ve reinstalled all the stacks I had extra bought from Rapidweaver 7, and now it seems almost ok - sure, I have to fix some minor troubles.
I thank you very much for your quick answer, and wish you a great weekend,


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