Upload fails due to unknown fingerprint?

I’m using Rapidweaver 7 for the homepage of my wife and my travel blog.
But since I moved my contract for the homepage, the upload from Rapidweaver fails. I only changed within the in Germany well known provider 1 und 1 from the homepage included in the DSL contract to a separate homepage contract with more space.
Unfortunately, Rapid weaver just shows the message “Unable to connect to server”. Even the logs don’t show more details. I checked user and password multiple times and I’m sure that they’re Ok.
Uploading with Cyberduck works but is not very handy as I’ve to save the homepage first locally and do a full upload then instead of letting Rapidweaver just upload what was changed.

The only idea about the problem is the following, that happened on the first login with Cyberduck: On first login Cyberduck stated “Unknown fingerprint of ECDSA key for server”. Since I approved that once, it never came back and everything works fluently. Were can I do the same to state Rapidweaver that this Fingerprint is Ok?

Thanks for your help,

Sounds like you’re using SFTP? It would be easier to get help if you could provide folks with some more information.
Things like screen shots of the publishing settings for both RapidWeaver and cyberduck. What hosting company might help, and when you get the message (test, or publish).

I never have used cyber duck, but the message sounds like an SFTP (secure shell) warning. Kinda strange wording, so not sure but since you’re able to approve it once that’s my best guess.
If my guess is correct then I don’t think RapidWeaver gives that message, it just publishes and ignores the secure shell warning.
Again I’m guessing, without more information, but if you’re using SFTP, you need to specify a port number with most hosting companies. Are you using a port with cyber duck?

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