Upload problem - various errors

PROBLEM SOLVED: It was the stack “ShareStack” by Stacks4Stacks. Deleted it & upload with no issues.

Did a little maintenance this am, upload went ok. Moved a stack to another page, then started an upload of that page. RW started an entire site upload & then an error with “couldn’t upload fa-regular-400.svg”

Shut down RW, reloaded project, tried to upload just one page, RW started entire site upload, the another error: couldn’t upload “text normalizer.php”

Disk space on server is ok. RW First-aid shows no problems.

Version 8.8.3 (20877) all stacks up to date. MacOS 11.4 Beta (20F5046g)

UPDATE: I’ve combed the pages, cannot find where/what fa-regular-400.svg is located.
I’ve checked F6 site styles & all are loaded even though I only use them on the menu.

How do I fix this?? Thanks!

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