Url's adresses in connection with "easy cms"

hi guys and pundits,
i am having a curious phenomena happening. i installed “easy cms” on a website (villaarte-gilching.de) now the client calls me and pretends he cannot change an image on one of the pages. i call the site up on firefox, go to “admin” and get the following message:

So i go back into my trusted rw 7.1 and check the adresses. see screenshots for “general” and “publishing”

the curious thing is, in “safari” no message and i can upload the new image oerfectly well. in firefox i still get that darn message. also i can not get rid of the “http://” before the url in general, it always pops back up…
what am i to do?
thanks much for your help!

Hello Tomas,

it seems that the domain is called http://www.villaarte-gilching.de and not http://villaarte-vilching.de like it is said in the message.
Please change the domain to http://www.villaarte-gilching.de in RW and re-upload all files again.

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