Using ImagOptim

I just found out about ImageOptim from one of the podcasts. Thank you! My question is this. Do I have to re-upload (on my WeaverPix page) all my images now that they are all optimized?


Yes! You will need to (re)add the optimized images and re-publish all files in order to see the benefits/effects.

Thank you Aaron!

This also is interesting. My RW5 project file was only 5.1 MB but after importing it into RW6, the new project file is 9.4 MB. The photos in question had been “optimized” in “photos” by exporting 4 MB photo files into Medium jpeg quality, small size photos and after using ImageOptim on these files, they don’t seem to be much smaller in file size. Should I have used ImageOptim on the original 4 MB photos instead?