Using TotalCMS Ratings

I add a ratings stack to my CMS admin page and ditto to my Post page. When I go to the Post on line I see the star ratings and if I click on it it shows the rating I give it but it does not record this, revisiting the pages still shows 0 ratings and no stars? Any ideas?

switch the stacks admin to public/public to admin
I don’t think its for the public to “add a rating” so to speak but for you to do it in admin and display it to the public.
It’s been a long time though, I could be wrong. check the doc portal.

I am really sorry but this doesn’t make sense to me ‘switch the stacks admin to public/public to admin’ could you explain further please? Many thanks

the stack that allows you to actually change the rating belongs on the admin page.
the stack that just displays the rating belongs on the public page

I have put the CMS Admin ratings stack on the admin page and the CMS content ratings stack on the the post page, but it doesn’t work? I really appreciate your help, any ideas?

I have also tried reversing the admin/public stacks and this results in a fatal exception. So it doesn’t work either.

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