VideoWall (no show in Stacks Library)

I purchased and installed VideoWall in RapidWeaver 8.7 along with SocialFeedYouTube and SocialFeedVimeo that come with it. All show in the Add-ons folder n the Finder, but I can’t find them in my website in the Stacks Library. I restarted RapidWeaver and the computer after the installation but to no avail. I even reinstalled the three stacks, but no luck either.

Can anyone explain what needs to be done so that I can use these stacks. I contacted Joe Workman’s support, but haven’t heard from them. Thanks.

I’m not at my mac, could there be child stacks?
Is there a plus symbol/icon when you place the videowall stack?

@rolisize is correct, those stacks show up as child stacks of Video Wall.

I don’t see VideoWall stack in my project’s (my website) Library, so I can’t add it to any of my website’s pages.

VideoWall and the other two stacks show in the Preferences in the Stacks tab under Weaver’s Space and in the Mac’s User Library > Application Support .

In short, I can’t use VideoWall. I have never encountered this kind of problem. Can you provide directions on how to make these stacks available in the website’s Library window?



I can’t find the VideoWall stack in my site’s Library window, so I can’t place it in my site, nor can I see nay plus symbol/icon.


Thanks for the tip. I tried setting/unsetting the location of the RapidWeaver Add-ons folder as suggested, but it didn’t work.

How did you install the videowall stack to begin with?

If you double-click to install, you might try either right-click it and select open with and choose RapidWeaver 8 or grab the stack and drag it to Rapidweaver (running)on the dock.

If that doesn’t work then you might want to get in touch with Yourhead (maker of stacks) support.

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