Visit after publish goes to wrong location

When I ‘publish website’ and then click on visit, it opens up my website in safari but it is the wrong location. In the settings I have the website set to However, when I click on visit it shows me When I manually go to it shows me the files that I have just published. I am sure it is something obvious but I can’t see it!
Many thanks

On further exploration, when I click on visit it goes to the old website location but when I go to view>visit published website it is the correct site. I thought that the ‘visit’ location was based on the website address that you put in the publishing setup. Is this not the case?

Worked out my stupidity! I hadn’t changed the address from a previous setting!

When you publish your site things should be pointed to the home web directory. That varies from host to host but a path of /public_html is very common.

You should use your web control panel app (or ftp/sftp app) to delete all the files in the wrong location. Don’t forget that crawlers will crawl your website for search engines, etc. One thing about Rapidweaver - it doesn’t delete any files.

Thanks Greg. That is a good tip. I was deleting them anyway with Filezilla but hadn’t thought about the web crawling angle.

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