Visitors adjusting status

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for something which I’m now doing with an iCloud Numbers online file.

It’s an attendance list where everyone can change his/her ‘status’ with possible options like: excused, be present, not excused, etc.
Is there a Stack which can do this sort of thing?

Many thanks,


Wouldn’t there be a danger of one person changing another person’s details? If that is the case, nothing short of a proper membership system would do the job.

Well, in this case not. I’ve used the iCloud solution for already a year and so far there where no problems. The page will be locked; only members will get in. It’s a choir and they have no gain in messing up someone’s attendance !
But I will look into it. Can you recommend a Membership System?

I don’t remember a stack that can do exactly what you want. Sitelok is a great membership service that many RW users have implemented at their sites. But Sitelok really controls “access” to a site or a page. The bit about updating a table is a bit different.

… there may be some inventive way to do this with Armadillo.

I suppose another approach is to create something like a Google spreadsheet for which there is limited access. Folks then amend that spreadsheet (all controlled via Google docs). A stack like Grid Iron and some others can then display that table on a RW page.

There may be better solution but none are coming to mind right now.