Web Design Video: Apple's Winning Homepage

I’m excited to share my new web design video series, “The Secrets Behind Apple’s Winning Homepage”.

While I’ve made RapidWeaver themes and stacks for years, I’ve been passionate about making videos to help people build great websites, and for 2018 I’m doing it!

I’m sharing this here because I cover 10 homepage concepts that Apple is doing right now - that can easily be applied using RapidWeaver and Foundation, or Foundry, even if just using Stacks itself. Click the video below, or watch it here, I cover 1 concept for free - Momentum, which can immediately improve your homepage game today!



Just wanted to note, as a RapidWeaver member messaged me.

The 10 page design principals I cover apply to any homepage, they are not specifically for ecommerce/product sites. Apple understands how people take in information on a webpage - and that’s what I cover.


Can you upload it to YouTube too? I am Deaf and I need the Closed Captioning to see what your saying in the video.


I can’t upload paid content to YouTube, but Bill I do want to offer a closed caption option for future videos. I’ll actively be seeing what I can do on this. Thank you very much for your feedback!

You can upload it privately to have it generate a subtitle for you then correct any of the YouTube mistake and upload subtitle to Vimeo and attach it to the video.

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Lots of energy and good concepts throughout this video that can be used to improve any website. Highly recommend this for anyone looking to improve the conversions and interactions of their website.

Look forward to future series!

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