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Hello all

I have been publishing my site fine but today it is not publishing and stuck ok exporting your website and portfolio and My Cv underneath keep circling ! When I cancel the export and try again it says it’s in the middle of an export. 15500650900626103936042823714536|690x335

To receive quick and precise answers, you’ll need to be a bit more clear about the issue.

Screenshots of error messages and settings will help others to help you. If you can’t see an image or click the link you provided, we can’t either.

Hello Neil I did not realise the picture was not showing I did it on my phone the initial post.

So I go to publish my site and it is stuck on the attached and won’t proceed any further.


What’s changed since you were last able to publish successfully? Have you added any pages, resources etc.?

Could you show us your publishing settings? If you test the connection, what happens?

When i test it does not come up with any errors and all i have done is tried to change where the email gets sent too on my contact form and put on there a new CV,

How big is that CV (PDF) file you have added to resources?

it is only 56kb

OK, well if I do something to a RW project and run into problems, I make a copy of the site and load that site into RW. I then remove what I’ve added or changed a bit at sa time until the project works again.

Then I know what is causing the problem and can figure out how to fix it.

What if i delete all the pages and cotent and start again

No need to do that.

Make a duplicate of the project file, delete your most recent additions until you can publish again.

Make sure you do make a duplicate and add something like “-test” to the filename so you know what it is.

ok progress my contact form is working - how do i get read of this index page so when you go on about>my cv and click the link it opens up my cv and not the index page

this is currently in my resources folder

Did you duplicate the PDF or the RapidWeaver project file?

I can’t see what you’re trying to do there.

I am trying to get rid of the index page so it just opens up my CV PDF when i click on the link

where you see it say please click the link below > when i click it the index page opens i just want it to automatically open up my CV File

This link shows your CV. The “%20” parts are because there are spaces in the filename. You should get rid of the spaces and perhaps use “-” instead.

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