Webyep Stacks by Joost Media - Update News?

Hello Folks,

On the old forums there was a thread I was watching with regards to the development by Joost (Tsooj Media) of the updated Webyep stacks. Just wondering what the latest news was on those, anybody heard anything? I believe they were to coincide with the release of Webyep 2.

Thanks in advance!


I would also like to hear of any news on the updated version of WebYep itself. @Joost any news??

WebYep 2 is making progress, but hasn’t reached public beta yet. The Stacks package is currently in beta phase.

The initial goal was to release the new version of the WebYep Stacks at the same time as Max is releasing the new version of the WebYep CMS. Release date for the last one is in September. I am trying to have the Stacks available before that if my home improvement activities allow it. So yes something new is coming in the near future :smile:

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to it…



Any news on WebYep2 and the RW Stacks? I’m looking at a new project that would benefit from it… but if it’s not going to be available, I may need to look at alternatives. Thanks!

Hi @RVgeeks, had some private activities keeping me from finalizing but 2 weeks for the new Stacks to be available. Max is also working on the last few details of the CMS.

@Joost - AWESOME! Thanks for the update. Can’t wait!

Just wanted to let you all know that I need to delay the release a little bit… why? Water running into the bathroom wall thanks to construction errors so I have to manage that first :worried:

YIKES! Hope you got that all taken care of @Joost! Any new updates on WebYep 2 or the new stacks? DYING to see all the new enhancements/upgrades… AND to use it! :wink:

Some news for the webyep 2 status ?

Does anyone know if the stack in this video from 1/2015 is available?

I have bought a stacks set in 4/2014 and I wonder if the WebYep Page Stack is part of the stacks set TSOOJ sells actually. I’ve asked Tsooj via mail but didn’t got an answer yet.

Joost answered: work is still in progress.

hi Ralf,
yes, the page stack is part of the package. It is not completely clear from the download page (http://www.tsooj.net/rapidweaver/stacks/webyep) but it was part of my package when I received it.

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It is part of the currently still private beta but I have been sharing that with a small number of people. Haven’t been able to develop this release the last number of months due to private challenges but slowly getting back to my RW project.

Hi Joost,

Just wondering if there is any news on Webyep 2/Webyep Stacks?

Thanks for any feedback.


Hi Mark,

Apologies that the development of the CMS part is taking longer as expected. In the past the CMS came in different version depending on the language and other options and Max has the new version almost ready including some new features. Once that is more or less set in stone I’ll continue with the final changes in the WebYep Stacks solution.



I am also still waiting “impatiently” for a new version of the WebYep-stack! :slight_smile:
I think WeYep still is the best “mini-cms” for rapidweaver and the easiest for my customers!

… by the way …

One thing I always missed in webyep (and the stack) … is an “integrated” option to add a symbol/icon/picture to downloads!
(like I “tried to build for one little website” in this screenshots)

… and another thing I always “missed” in webyep:

The option to choose if a " link/URL on a picture " opens in the same or even in an external window!