Weird bug - Anyone got a mirror?

Only started today, been getting sites ready for GDPR and getting this in the Inspector > CSS (HS, RW7.5.5, Stacks 3.5.9)

or maybe I put my GFX card in upside down…

as info to viewers… click and view the actual image to see the issue…it appears below what shows on the image preview on the forum. That is a weird one. It’s not April 1st is it?

This shows it a bit clearer - scroll the image.

exceedingly weird. What exactly are you doing for compliance? Or is it April 1st?

Wish it was 1st April! As for compliance - basically ripping out anything with 3rd party connections or embeds to start with, adding a GDPR policy document, using HTTPS, cookie warning and then waiting to see what the best options are for replacing them all! Ironically, one GDPR compliance information site I visited was full of YT embeds on the front page with no warnings or options to opt out.

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my guess (and really that’s all it is, just a wild guess) is maybe an old plugin that’s causing this craziness. things i’d try:

  1. Start up without any plugins enabled. (Hold down the Option key while launching RW).

  2. If that seems to cure the problem, then I’d have a look through your RW addons folder. Remove everything that you’re not using right now – especially old things.

  3. Hopefully that leaves just a few plugins still in the addons folder. Remove them one at a time and relaunch RW to see if you can identify which is causing the issue.

  4. Report the problem to the plugin developer. If that’s me, then you should send details to

AND – if removing all plugins doesn’t seem to help – then I’d report the problem and any other details you can think of, to Realmac Software support. Other details should probably include:

  • the macOS version
  • any extensions/utilities/addons that you’re running on your system.
  • any other apps that you were running when you saw this.
  • any other views that look this way
  • anything that you’ve seen that tends to affect this problem – or if nothing seems to – say that

OK, you can stop reading there – the rest is here just for some technical background about plugins and how a bug like this might come to be. Here’s, as brief as i could make it, why I think this might be the case.

view flipping is a more common bug than you probably realize – usually it’s caught in testing since it tends to stand out quite a bit. :wink:

most views on macOS grow upward from an origin at the bottom-left. text views, which naturally grow downward, have their coordinates flipped.

a few versions of macOS ago some of the macOS SDK changed some of the APIs around for this coordinate flipping. The APIs aren’t very backward compatible however. So to make the transition a bit more smooth Apple plays a nice trick:

  • If you run an old piece of software on a new system – it runs in a compatibility mode. So the old software just continues on as if the new API didn’t exist at all.
  • However if you recompile software AFTER the new SDK was released then you get the new behaviors.

In practice this compatibility mode works very well. With one notable exception: plug-ins. It’s quite possible for the main app to be compiled in a recent version of the SDK (like RW7.5.5 and Stacks 3.5.9) – but that some other installed plugin does not. In this situation the plugin code was compiled in the old SDK – but is running inside of the app with the new-style behavior. that’s a bad situation. The only real solution is to recompile the plugin in an SDK that coexists a bit better.


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