Zoomed-in page in edit mode

RW Version 8.2.1 (20758) macOS Mojave 10.14.5 (18F132)

Hi, after (I think the sequence, don’t want to try it again…) I edited a partial, on return to the page in edit mode, the view is zoomed in, quite a lot. So much so that I need to scroll way left and right to view my page. It does not fit into the available screen space.

Tried inspector and menu bars, on, off, outside etc. Closed and re-opened RW8. No difference. Zoom in setting sticks…

Can not find any setting to fit my page to the window.

Please help.

since there’s no default stack that requires any horizontal scrolling at all, it is likely that something on this page is causing the issue.

since you mention it happens after ending a partial, my guess would be that the bad stack is inside of that – however, that’s by no means guaranteed. sometimes the cause of a problem like this can be distant from the symptoms.

i’d recommend a process of deleting a few stacks at a time to see if it cures the problem. DO THIS ON A BACKUP OF YOUR FILE.

if the page has a bajillion stacks, then you might want to begin by “divide and conquer” – deleting half the stacks to see if the problem is cured, then deleting half of the remaining. if the problem is cured by the delete, then undo – you know that the bad stack is somewhere in that half.

continue until you’ve narrowed it down. with this binary-search method you can find a needle in a big haystack very quickly. 10 repetitions will discover the problem, even if you have over 1000 stacks.

once you’ve found the culprit, take a look at content/text/html of that stack and see if anything obvious jumps out. if the problem doesn’t present itself, let us know what you find and we’ll go from there.


Thank you. Shall do that.

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