What is a website 1.0.1?

Just wondering if any Rapidweavers can suggest a web video which explains just what’s involved in creating, maintaining and developing a website.

I won’t be alone in having a client who has the idea that placing some pretty pictures and some chatty text on a page or two will have people flocking to the site and taking some action (in this case making enquiries about a holiday rental property in France.)

There are plenty of good SEO and “10 ways to build a great website” videos on youtube but they’re more for developers or folks wanting to build their own website.

I’d like to know if there are any videos that succinctly and engagingly explain how this website thing works - to the complete layperson who’s never going to build a website in their life and who has no idea that there’s a bit to it.

Thanks in anticipation.

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@phloque, a simple google search for 'How does a website work" yielded this video which may suit your needs…

How Websites work

Hope that helps

Thanks Brad
Very helpful

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